Helping the Ide Hill Scout Group is a diverse, interesting and enjoyable experience. The Group is entirely run by volunteers. These include leaders, helpers and committee members. The roles are explained in more detail here.

Leaders and their Training
Scouting relies on volunteers to be leaders. Volunteers come from all backgrounds and experiences. Plumbers, lawyers, homemakers, teachers, doctors, and scientists— people from just about every occupation imaginable — are involved in leading youth to become responsible, caring, and competent citizens.

We Are Only Leaders
We are not experts. We’re your next door neighbours. We’re not perfect, we are just parents like you.

We don’t have anymore spare time or energy than you do, we all work full time and juggle our families and our schedules and try to keep it all together as best we can.

The only difference between us is that we believe in what Scouting has to offer. So much so, that we contribute our time, our miles, and our talents to help our children and your children grow in Scouting.

We are Volunteers who have taken a promise to give your child, the most precious gift we have to offer — the gift of time.

All our volunteers – leaders and helpers – are CRB checked  to ensure you are leaving your child with a responsible team.  All leaders are required to undertake training or learning appropriate to their role. This training normally takes place in their own time; the vast majority of our Leaders also have full-time jobs and family commitments.

As well as the CRB check and training obligations, each leader has a warrant review every 5 years. This is to make sure that, among other things for instance, they are happy in the role they have or that they still accept the key policies of the Scout Association – the Equal Opportunities policy, the Religious policy and-the-like.

The CRB, training and warrant reviews are all necessary to make sure you’re not leaving your child with ‘just anyone’ and that is why the checks are strict and regular.

Please spare a thought for our leaders when you drop off your child at a meeting or scouting event.