The Scout Association is a uniformed organisation and as such, is required for most events.  A uniform is only to be bought once your child has been with us for at least three weeks and has decided to enrol.

The Cub uniform consists of:

  • Dark Green Sweatshirt
  • A maroon and red neckerchief with woggle – to be supplied when invested (£4)
  • Activity Trousers (Navy Blue)

Where to sew the badges on


Above is a diagram of where the badges are sewn  once they have been earned. Most of these are completed during meetings and activities; some in their own time with parental guidance; others are a combination of the two.

Where to buy the uniform

Located  at the District Scout Centre in Jubilee Rise, Seal (just off the A25) – Click for map

Opening Times 10-12 term time only

Days: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of every month