New cubs are invested after about 5 weeks.

The investiture ceremony
We encourage family members to attend the investiture ceremony.

What happens at a investiture ceremony?

Your sixer will bring you to Akela by walking you around the Pack circle: Akela will ask “Do you want to become a Cub Scout?” and you will reply “Yes Akela, I do.”. You will then confirm you know the Cub Scout Law and will be asked to recite the Cub Scout Promise, as the rest of the Pack make the Scout Sign. Akela will then shake your left hand and welcome you into the Pack. She will then give you your badges and group scarf. Your Sixer will then put your woggle on.

The ‘Badges’ section below shows where on the uniform the badges should be sewn on.

Please note the Sevenoaks District badge (seven acorns)  is on the left of the Kent County badge (white horse).