Can you help?

Parents/Adults are always needed.
Without volunteers there would be no scout association, its as simple as that.
On a more local level though, without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to run activities  away from our Scout Hut as we have to have at least 1 adult to 8 Cubs/ 1 adult to 6 Beavers.

Parental Involvement
Your youngster expects you to be interested and will get much more out of Scouting if you are prepared to offer your support.  There are lots of ways in which you can help, for example:-

  • Offering a skill or hobby to train or test the Cub Scouts for awards and badges
  • Helping prepare refreshments for a Group or Pack event
  • Helping transport Cub Scouts to events and outings or move kit to camp
  • Supporting the Scout Group Executive Committee to help them raise funds and manage the Scout Group

The Group Executive Committee

Each year, the Scout Group elects an Executive Committee consisting of a number of parents and various Leaders in the Group to carry out the day to day tasks of running the Scout Group.  They are responsible for purchasing equipment and maintaining Group property.  The function of the Group Executive Committee is also to support and help the Scout Group Leader carry out his or her role in maintaining an effective and successful Scout Group.

Why Should I Volunteer?

Yes its hard work but it is also fun, it gets you out of the house, you meet new people, it keeps you busy, gives kids somewhere to go and provides you with the opportunity to take part in activities that you other wise wouldn’t even think about doing. By playing your part and supporting your child you will share the enjoyment, friendship and fun of the family of Scouting.

Why Should I be An Occasional Helper?
This is the easiest way to help your local scout group without having to commit your self to a regular day and time.

An occasional helper normally helps out on trips, with activities and sometimes at meetings, but only when they are available and have the time to spare. Occasional helpers do not have to have children within the scout section- anyone is welcome to volunteer their time.

Becoming a volunteer or occasional helper doesn’t mean that you have to turn up every week or help out on every trip either, it just means that you can help out from time to time when your available.