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As your child is about to, or has already joined, the scouting movement we feel that there is some information about what we are and what we do that you may like to know.

The Aim

To promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.(The Scout Association, Policy, Organisation and Rules).

Everything we do in scouting has the above aim in mind.

Rules and organisation

There are a strict set of rules governing all activities and behaviour. The leaders have copies of this tome if you wish to see it at any time.

The Leaders have all undertaken training within the last 5 years and hold warrants issued by The Scout Association. Watching over the Leaders is the Scout District Team lead by the District Commissioner. These in turn report to the County Scout Council.


Although much of the activities are carried out at the scout hut we frequently undertake many outside activities including camping, hiking (both by day and night), cycling, pioneering (building rope and pole structures), swimming, wide games etc. Occasionally we are more adventurous and have done hill walking, archery, go-carting, shooting, seafaring, microlite flying, canoeing, sailing, rowing, climbing and abseiling. All have been in compliance with the rules as laid down.

There are times when, depending on the scouts’ ability, age and experience, adult supervision is at a distance. For example, a patrol hike might be undertaken with a more senior scout in charge. The Leaders would appear at various places along the route but would not walk with the patrol (unless circumstances dictated otherwise).

Your youngster may have the opportunity to either camp in tents or sleep indoors on a Pack holiday.  They may go away overnight, for the weekend or even for a few days or week in the School holidays.   The leaders are specially trained before they are allowed to take youngsters away on a camp or Pack holiday.  They take on the responsibility to look after the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts  as if they were their own large family of youngsters.

Medical and Personal Information

Before we can accept your child into our Group, our Young Members Information form must be fully completed with details of address(s), contact numbers, various health questions and statements for agreement/disagreement. Rest assure that this information is not given out to a third party and is private and confidential, but it is essential we have it to ensure the correct care of your child.

We ask that if this information changes for whatever reason, please inform us as soon as possible.

Adult assistance and help

Scouting is not a “fire and forget” activity. The leaders will be looking for your assistance from time to time. This may be help with transport, finance (subs), skills teaching, camps and events. You may have skills that could help the leaders, like special need expertise or teaching experience. Do you have interesting hobbies like potholing, diving, traction engine driving. If you have any skills or access to equipment or resources we need to hear from you.

 We would especially like assistance at meetings. A number of meetings have had to be cancelled in the past because the Leaders have other commitments. You don’t have to go the whole hog and take a Leader’s warrant (we do have uniforms in all sizes though!), but we will willingly take whatever time you have to give.

Please think about it and talk to one of us if you feel you can help.

In any event we will approach you to complete an CRB. This criminal records check is increasingly being expect of any adult who has contact with young people.

Behaviour and Scouting ethos

It is an unfortunate fact of today’s living that we are now seeing young people with very few life skills. We can only teach them so much at Scouts. However what they do learn they should take with them and use in their day to day living. Please encourage them by reminding them of their scout promise, to be friendly and considerate, to have respect for others, to be helpful and to look after property and possessions. Basic knowledge of cleanliness (especially kitchen hygiene) and how to bash a spud would be handy too!

Data protection

Each year on 31st January our Scout Group is required to complete a return of the current membership of the Group.

This annual census provides information about the numbers of Scouts and Leaders in the United Kingdom and is also required for the Scout Association insurance.

In addition to the numbers we are also required to send to our Scout District and County a printed list of the names and addresses of all our members and whether they are Cub Scouts, Scouts or Explorer Scouts.

The information will only be used in connection with your son/daughter/charge’s membership of the Scout Movement, including local membership management, communications and insurance of the Associations activities. The information will not be passed to any third parties outside the Scout Movement.


We ask that you pay a subscription  at the start of each term. This gives us the funds for the day to day running of the Group. If you are a taxpayer we would urge you to complete a gift aid form. This allows us to recover a substantial amount from the tax office as we are a registered charity. We can only recover this if you sign a gift aid form.

Additional activities, e.g. camps, day out etc. will require additional funds, though we always try to keep the costs down.

Please make cheques payable to Ide Hill Scout Group. Place cheques or money in an envelope with the scout name on it and what it is for. Dealing with fistfuls of cash and word of mouth is an accounting nightmare!

We are always aware that costs can mount up, especially if there are siblings in the group. If you have any worries as to costs please have a quiet word with a leader.


If you have any queries, now or at any time in the future, please talk to us. If anything is causing you concern we would like to know as early as possible so we can address the problem. Also if there is anything happening in the life of a young person, outside of scouting, which could impact within scouting, e.g. serious family illness, please let the leadership team know. Unfortunately  E.S.P. was not part of our Leader training, which is a pity, as at times it could come in very handy !


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