The last bits

Camp is now over but there is still a lot to do! The tents are up in Skips garden drying and some of the muddy ground sheets have been washed. The Scout hut is full of more muddy groundsheets and wet tents as well as other equipment that needs to be cleaned and put away back in the loft. Leaders and willing helpers will be very busy this week. Tonight the leaders will be having a well deserved rest ready for work tomorrow.
It was unfortunate we couldn’t get together at the end of camp to say a proper goodbye to the cubs, scouts and leaders. I am very grateful to all the leaders and helpers who played an important part in the running of the camp – Ide Hill is fortunate to have such a fantastic team. I would especially like to mention Kay (Monday Assistant Cub Leader), who organised the camp and the activities, bought the food, made sure we were fed, supervised the cubs etc etc.

Thanks also to all parents who helped. We could not have managed with out you. I would like to thank you by name, but there’s the danger of leaving someone out. So, for getting equipment down from the Scout hut loft, putting up tents, washing up, providing the leaders with wine, making cakes, transporting equipment, cleaning toilets, taking down tents, putting tents back up again to dry, sorting out the scout hut …THANK YOU!! You know who you are!

Let’s hope the next camp is a little dryer!!!!


2 thoughts on “The last bits

  1. Thank you to all the fantastic leaders who helped the children to have a great time despite the weather. I can’t believe the sun started to shine as we left. Several children went home in others clothes. Please bring to next meeting and we will have a table in the scout hut to try and reunite owners. I d like to echo thanks to all the parents that came and helped at the end, we had run out of steam by then….. Now that I’m clean and dry and have had my pyjamas on since 4 pm, I can say I had a great time. Thank you children for being a pleasure to spend the weekend with. Kay.

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