All is calm

The boys are all sleeping in our marquee and the girls are in their big tent. They are all have been very good and went to bed sensibly and quickly.

Most are sleeping in the dry clothes they wore today so they can remain warm. We have suggested they go home in these clothes too.

It has been dry all evening with not a spot of rain.

Not looking forward to taking down the twelve tents tomorrow as we are all whacked. Would love a clearing and cleaning crew to take over:)

If the weather is fine tomorrow we will most likely keep the cubs until 12 so they can help with tents. If wet we will phone you to let you know pick up time, possibly 9:30 pick up.

You need to stick to pick up times because if your cub is not at the pick up point ready for you, you will be asked to leave the site. (same place where you dropped them off)

The cubs have loved the comments left on here. Thank you

See you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “All is calm

  1. More than happy to lend a hand clearing can be there anytime let me know williams mumx

    • Thanks for the offer Parking is the problem with the fields being extremely muddy. Maybe you could please take away a couple of rubbish bags?

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